Tour of the monasteries of western Lesvos

Starting from the beautiful fishing village of Skala Kalloni with the picturesque harbor, following the path north and west
we will make our first stop at the historic monastery of Limonos. It is the largest and one of the oldest monasteries of Lesvos, built by Saint Ignatius in the 16th century and dedicated to Taxiarches. It has over 100 churches and a well-organized and highly important museum.
  From there we will continue our course through the volcanoes that formed the island. Specifically will
cross the caldera of the Anemotia's  volcano as well as that of the Vatousa's  volcano to reach the monastery of Perivoly for a short stop.
  Then we will continue wandering through the wild volcanic landscape of western Lesvos to reach the particular architectural monastery of Ipsilos, dedicated tο Apostle John, with breathtaking views.
  Continuing our course west and south we will reach the Pithariou Monastery, dedicated to Taxiarches . A beautiful monastery built on the shores of the artificial lake of Eressos.
  From there we will return to Kalloni, following a very beautiful route crossing the caldera of Agra's volcano , the third largest of Lesvos.