Starting from the village of Skala Kalloni, with the picturesque port, which is famous for its sardines and fine taverns we will head west towards Mesotopos. A village renowned for its music tradition and small distilleries that produce tsipouro in the traditional way of marbles and figs. Our route includes our drive through the crater of the Agra volcano.
Then, we will  proceed to Eressos, the birthplace of Sappho, which appears to have been inhabited since the 11th century BC. It also has one of the most organized beaches on the island with many taverns and cafés along it, where you can enjoy a swim or a meal.
Then, we  continue north to the port of Sigri, which is the westernmost point of the island and its second port. there we will see the 17th century ottoman castle, the imposing church of the holy trinity and the museum of natural history of Lesvos where one can see many geological issues. Opposite Sigri is the island-museum of Nisiopi ,the island where someone can see the evolution of the island's development and of the whole of Europe through volcanic eruptions and earthquakes of prehistoric times.
 Very close to Sigri is the petrified forest, one of the two largest in the world, created 20 million years ago, by successive eruptions. From there we will continue to Ipsilou Monastery, a fortress-monastery built on the top of Ordymnos hill with magnificent views. It is dedicated to Saint John the Theologian and was built around 800 AD!
 Finally, before starting our return to Kalloni we will take a short stop for coffee and relaxation in the village of Antissa with the beautiful square surrounded by massive plane trees