Monasteries of North-east Lesvos

Starting from the beautiful village of Skala Kalloni and crossing Kalloni, we will head north towards Madamados, which is world-famous for the pilgrimage to the Archangels. The dominant figure there is Archangel Michael, patron of the island of Lesvos, where his statue is one of the few in the Orthodox Church. It is made of the soil and blood of monks killed during the Ottoman period and is perhaps the most realistic depiction of the archangel's form.
  From there we will continue via a beautiful seaside route to the spa town  of Thermi, in the monastery of Saint Raphael. It is a relatively new monastery, built in the early 1960s, where Saint Raphael, Saint Nicholas and Saint Eirini were martyred and buried. Inside the monastery are the tombs and bones of the above saints.
  From there we will continue to Moria where we will take a short stop at the Roman aqueduct located there and then head further down to the traditional mountain village of Agiassos under the rock of Olympus, popular for traditional crafts (ceramics, wood carving, knife making etc.) and the church of the Virgin Mary with its miraculous icon, which according to tradition, was crafted by the apostle Luke himself.
  From there we will start our return, crossing the pine forest of Lesvos and moving around the gulf of Kalloni