Discover the central and the northern Lesvos

Starting from the beautiful fishing village of Skala Kalloni with the picturesque harbor, we will head north towards Agia Paraskevi. Leaving Kalloni behind, we reach the Alykes (salt field) area where with a little luck we can have a look see at the beautiful pink flamingos that are there throughout the summer.From there we continue to Agia Paraskevi, with its unique mansion houses and the extremely beautiful elementary school complex. There is also the Olive Museum of the area where one can get acquainted with the traditional and modern way of producing olive oil which for many years has been the basis of the island's economy and is still one of its main products.

From there we will continue on to Madamados which is dominated by the monastery of Archangel Michael, the protector of Lesvos, made of soil and blood of the monks of the monastery slaughtered by the Saracens in the 10th century. In Madamado one can find quite a few still active pottery workshops where one can see the process of producing clay pots or just do some shopping.From there, following a path north and west, we continue on to the beautiful outskirts of Sykamia with the magnificent view from above and the picturesque harbor with the chapel of Panagia Gorgona ( Virgin Mary the Mermaid) at the top of a rock that catches the eye of the visitor.

Then, following a beautiful overgrown path through steep canyons and admiring the view from above the sea and across the Turkish coast, we will head to Mithymna (Molyvos), perhaps the most beautiful town of Lesvos with its imposing 13 th Genovese castle. , which is all under UNESCO protection. There you can walk the beautiful streets of Mithymna and enjoy some coffee or sweet on its balconies or by the sea. From there we will finally start our return to the Skala Kalloni making a final stop on the coastal Petra, with the imposing volcanic rock in the middle, with the church of Panagia at its top.